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Freshdesk is not letting me establish an account using my e-mail. What should I do? 

Please contact in this case, Kristen Chua will send you a Freshdesk account activation e-mail to activate your account and restore access to Freshdesk.  The reason this happens is because sometimes users have an existing account (that has not been verified via an activation e-mail). 


What is the difference between an agent account, collaborator accounts, and a normal (customer) user account?

A normal user account (customer account) may submit tickets and update/ track their own tickets, as well as see help articles and broad announcements about outages in forums, but they are not able to see tickets submitted by all other campuses tickets in the CDL Helpline. 


Collaborators (a type of agent account with limited permissions) can see all other campuses’ tickets in the CDL Helpline. They have the same visibility as an agent within their scope (the CDL Helpline or Courier Management space), but they can’t reply to tickets directly as collaborators. Instead, they can and add/edit private notes – which don’t notify the customers directly but add extra information onto the ticket. These private notes are visible to all other collaborators and agents. This page has a bit more information about what a collaborator can do in the CDL Helpline Freshdesk space: Using the Collaborator Portal : CDL Helpline ( The people on the CDL Helpline Freshdesk Collaborator Accounts Request Form have this type of account.


Agent accounts (what Jayne and I have for CDL Helpline) are admin accounts for the space. We can manage tickets, triage tickets on to other groups (like CDL Acquisitions), set up user and collaborator accounts to make sure people have the right visibility into the CDL Helpline and Courier Management spaces, and configure how the helpdesk web page looks among other things. This page Understanding Freshsales agent roles and privileges : Freshdesk has more information about what agents can see & do in Freshdesk.

How can I request a collaborator account for myself or for my team member(s)? 

Please let us know the five UC Library staff from your campus who would like to have collaborator accounts from each group by filling out the sheet for your respective group: CDL Helpline Freshdesk Collaborator Accounts Request Form or Courier Management Freshdesk Collaborator Accounts Request Form

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you would like to request additional collaborator account(s).

If we login with a Google account, is it still recommended that we register for an account using the sign up form?  

We don’t see any reason that you should need to create a separate account if you log in with a Google account. Please let us know if you are having any issues viewing your own tickets (or other campuses' tickets, if you have a collaborator account), when logging in with Google.

What happened to the old CDL Helpline tickets? How can I check old CDL Helpline tickets from the CDL Helpline Footprints space?

CDL Helpline had already forwarded tickets to CDLAcq for analysis action (in Freshdesk), and since these tickets were already being tracked in Freshdesk no further work was needed to migrate these tickets. Prior to migration, the CDL Helpline team conducted a review of open tickets in the CDL Helpline and forwarded any that had not yet been forwarded to CDL Acquisitions in the old Helpline (these were mostly access issues tickets where a response was pending from a vendor) to the new CDL Helpline in Freshdesk before cutoff. Additionally, Helpline created a CDL Helpline Footprints archive (note: must be a collaborator to view/ download this archive) after Footprints was decommissioned to allow users to access old data if needed.

Do we need to add properties or tags like we did in the old Footprints ticketing system?

At this time of writing (4/4/2023), the CDL team is working on building up an ideal form for the new Freshdesk system. This process of building up a new form includes new ideas and creating controlled vocabularies for properties or tags in Freshdesk. Currently, the form doesn't require properties or tags but please always include detailed information when you submit problem tickets even if the form doesn't require it at the moment. Some suggestions on what kind of information to include in a CDL Helpline ticket can be found on the How to Use the CDL Helpline Website page. Thank you! 

 When submitting tickets, you cannot copy a colleague at that point?   That feature is only available AFTER the ticket is submitted and you add a note?

That is correct. The ticketing system is not letting us add tickets at the time of creation. We are working out the complexities of adding in this feature with the engineer. 

Do you recommend using Firefox over Chrome for this, or does it not matter much?

It does not matter, however sometimes it is helpful to clear cookies. 

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